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Kimberly Dunkin is a motivational speaker and extreme athlete.

For the past 18 years Kim coached soccer and softball. After competing in Karate for a time she knew she wanted to push the limits physically. Over the past 5 years she has competed with a team across some of the most extreme terrain in the world.

She now shares what she has learned about adversity, the power of the human body and spirit, teamwork and the joy in the journey.

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She will motivate you to Live on the Edge,and Earn the Right to Be Heard and inspire you to Push Your Body to the limits both Spiritually and Mentally.

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See some of the pictures Kim will share by viewing the slide show of Primal Quest Montana, a 500 mile non-stop race across Montana.

To hear her faith based testimony, with live video click here.


I always wanted to be a pro athlete. Had I received my wishes and played soccer I would not be where I am today. I have a passion for adventure racing. It is a sport that allows me to push myself farther every time.

Traveling for 9 days on 2 hours of sleep per night, really gets you in touch with your primal and spiritual needs.

I love sharing with others the great parallels from adventure racing to life. The sacrifice that I make for the team such as when I was severely dehydrated, can be applied to our sacrifice for family and teammates.

Helping tow a teammate or being towed by a teammate shows us how to succeed while helping others.

I love to inspire people to push themselves- To get involved in their niche and serve others in the areas in which they excel. Teaching people to live on the edge both spiritually and mentally is a central theme when I speak. We can do so much more than we think!

I would love to share with your group my journey, and inspire them to go on their own successful journey.

Kim Dunkin

You can read my faith based testimony by clicking here.


You inspired me to mop and wax my own floors- Martha

I want to go out and adventure race right now- 70 year old woman

Pass the (adventure racing) sign up sheet around- Bob

Keep sharing your testimony-what a great platform -Missionary from Brazil

You are crazy- Don

You are crazy- Pat

You are crazy- Lori (OK I had several of these)

I want you to come speak to my ladies group and youth group now!


Below is a taste of what the media has to say about Kim and the adventure of this extreme sport. The media loves this new emerging sport of adventure racing which is indicated in the following press articles.

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