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What are the best adventure races?

I think the best races take you on a journey where you have never gone before. They test your limits, push your boundaries and make you feel alive.

This is breakdown of the best races and a review of the races. My friends or myself have done these races, so we give you the real information.

Most races will include the following: orienteering and navigation, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling, mountaineering, rappelling, and jumar (ascending ropes). Though I have done river boarding and horse back riding in a race as well. My buddy rode a homemade jungle raft!

An expedition event can span ten days. Unless it is a stage race, there are no “dark periods” during races. The choice when (and if) to rest or sleep is left to the competitors.

There are many adventure racing companies out there. When you are getting started check your local AR group for races around you.

I hope these races have inspired you to take on an awesome challenge. It is fun to line up beside the pros, with hope in your eyes as you both jockey for the win.

After you see the races I know about firsthand, we've also listed the races the pros will be doing this year.

From South Dakota, to Borneo, to Mexico you can race all over the world!


adventure races

We’ll start with the Olympics of adventure racing, Primal Quest. I have done it three times and it is incredible.

To read all about this great race just check out my review of Primal Quest.


adventure races

This is one of the last races in a remote area. You will not see cars or people on this expedition. The race director Stjepan Pavicic has a calling to the wild and you'll see this in his races.

To read on about this race see Wenger Patagonia Race, what a great race!


adventure races

Eco- Challenge you will here a lot about. I have friends who have done Eco-Challenge. I wish it was still here as I came on the scene a few years too late. The filming by Mark Burnett was incredible and I recommend watching all of the Eco-Challenge races. We all hope it will come back one day, but it has been gone a long time.

I have included the films of Eco-Challenge below as they are definitely worth watching. I cheered and cried as I watched.

To read all about Eco-Challenge and how it started adventure racing see our page Eco Challenge.

See a Q and A I did with my buddy William Lovelace, with great advventure race tips. He is an Eco-Challenge veteran with a 3rd place finish... Bill Lovlace on Eco-Challenge.


If you want to try your hand at a shorter race but still get that adventure high Odyssey is a great company. The race directors are the directors of Primal Quest. The races lasts 2-3 days normally and are over beautiful, yet dangerous terrain.

Don Mann also wrote a book which is featured above that I studied like crazy before my first race.


Adventure Xtreme will take you to some of the very places Primal Quest Utah was held. It is a good company for getting your feet wet for the big ones. A lot of teams use this race to prepare for Primal Quest, as the terrain is awesome.

I had a friend, who is very particular about races, and he enjoyed this race. He said it was well run, and the course was great.


Bonk Hard Racing is a good company for the mid-west. I have raced these races and they will give you lots of hills, but just not the elevation of the Rockies or the mountains. His races are difficult, but well done and you’ll get your money’s worth.

I drive 9 hours to do his races and it is great training for the BIG ones.


The MIX (Michigan Expedition Race) as is it nicknamed is a good race to get your feet wet-literally, with expedition races. If you need to work on sleep-deprivation and teamwork this is the race.

It has seem neat elements, but the one thing it lacks is elevation. The entire MIX 2006 race had 200 ft. of elevation gain.


adventure racesThe Gorge games had windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain biking, adventure racing and much more.

They were hoping to open the adventure world up to new heights. Find out what happened to the Gorge Games.


Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

Adventure Race Mexico

AR World Series

Raid the North

Teva Mt. Games

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