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Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race, what a great race!

Just read this race story by Cavella and you’ll see what Patagonia is like. I hope to do this race next year. A friend did this race and said it was incredible. It is not going to have the hype of a Primal Quest and we’ll be a low key race in terms of media and coverage, but the course we’ll be incredible.

It is place you can go and discover the unknown. Bundle up though is is known to be a cold one!

This race is a bargain at only 500 Euros for early registration!

The Patagonia Expedition was the most adventurous course I have done and I will go back. I highly recommend it for any adventure racer seeking a good race.

Druce Finlay Team Cavella


seclevProfessional geologist Stjepan Pavicic always sought adventure in the outdoors. He did an expedition race and didn't like that he came across cars and the outside world.

So he created his own in the beloved Patagonia. It is a race created with passion for the outdoors, nature and expedition.

Wenger Expedition Race is one of a kind as far as exploration, remoteness and a rugged course.

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