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Phase 1 Week Training Plan

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These CrossFit workouts are for those new to adventure race training. It is still a tough program and it will work you up to doing the full plans. It just has more recovery, as you'll need it in the begining.

Do not let the name, Phase 1, fool you. It is tough!

What is this program?

It is a combination of CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance tailored to adventure race training.

It starts slow and builds fast. Each 3 weeks you'll see the intensity climb.

crossfit workoutsIntensity

You'll notice the workouts are short. This is on purpose. You can go at it harder, when your recover and we are not going to over task those muscles.

But the key to going short, is working out hard. You'll do the the workouts as hard as possible as your progress. The first three weeks I will not ask for 100% effort but it is coming!

We want to build the body up and build you will. This program is going to get you strong and build endurance!

Alright let's get to work!


Work at about 65% this week. This is to let your body recover and prepare for the coming weeks. Do not worry it will get hard fast.

If you do not understand an exercise you can go to Crossfit exercises.

Phase 1: Week 1

Week 2

This week we'll add rowing. The rowing machine and swimming use the same muscles as kayaking. So you'll see this substituted for a while. If you can get in a boat that is even better!

Phase 1: Week 2

Week 3

This is your last easy week. Ok, it is not easy, but it does ramp up next week. Enjoy those time trials and be sure to recover.

Phase 1: Week 3

Week 4

This week we'll start to ramp it up a bit. The workouts will stay at about the same time. There will be 3 CrossFit workouts this week, combined with 5 endurance workouts. Good luck and remember to recover!

Phase 1: Week 4

Week 5

We back off of volume this week, but not intensity!

Phase 1: Week 5

Week 6

This is the last week before Phase 2. You'll be time trialing this week.

If you do not see improvement over your last times, you need to allow more recovery time between workouts.

Phase 1: Week 6

Have fun and Train on the Edge!

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