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8 Week Training Plan

This program is for the athlete who wants to follow Cross Fit and CrossFit Endurance for their training.

It is an 8 week program that will have you ready for an adventure race, or ready to tackle phase 3.

The athlete training in phase 2 has trained in CrossFit and is ready to add endurance. It will have you ready to run, bike and row faster. Do not discount the rest time.

Recovery is what will make your stronger not the actual training. Training is the means to the end.

Week 1


For week 1 you'll want to go hard, unless this is your first time CrossFitting. I am making the assumption you have done or can do the last week of Phase 1. On sprints, sprint hard. On lifts, lift heavy. Note where I tell you to be on the hills. This will get your ready for adventure racing. Adventure racing is never on flat ground.

Check out the guy above, that should be you.

Cross Fit Week 1 Adventure Race Training

Week 2

Week 2 has a lot of intervals. You'll also add rowing this week. We'll ramp it up just a bit. Work hard, but be sure to recover as well. Take a day off if your heart-rate is 5 beats above your resting heart rate when you awake.

Have fun and hit it hard!

Cross Fit Week 2 Adventure Race Training

Week 3

This week really bumps up the mileage. It is time trial week so go at it hard, however be smart so you can finish strong. Try to negative split, which means finish the second half of your run or bike faster than the first half.

You'll see 30 mile rides on the bike and a 9 mile run on the long for the ultra athletes this week. If you are a sprint or middle distnace racer, you'll see your distance included.

Cross Fit Week 3 Adventure Race Training

Week 4

This week steps it up a notch. You are doing 3/4 of the Phase 2 Crossfit workouts now, which is incredible. You are doing the same amount on the Time Trials. Keep it up, you are going to be fast!

Cross Fit Week 4 Adventure Race Training

Week 5

This weeks is focussing on skills. Skills can win a race for you!

Cross Fit Week 5 Adventure Race Training

Week 6

Now you have it all put together and are settling in on a program that can make you fast.

Focus on recovery this week. And if you need a day off take it!

Cross Fit Week 6 Adventure Race Training

Week 7

Get your gear ready if you have a race next week. It is good to be ready the weekend before so you can rest. If you do not have a race coming up then, just check out cool gear!

Cross Fit Week 7 Adventure Race Training

Week 8

You goal for this week is to start taking control of your workouts. Are you tired? Is their enough recovery?

If there is not enough recove time for you, spread out the days of work. It will take 2 weeks to lose your fitness, so just do not take 2 weeks off.

If you are racing this week, just work on skills. Now that doesn't mean ride an elite mountain bike course. Just ride an easy course, do some easy trail runs and some easy paddling

Keep the times under 30 minutes and your heartrate at 60%. You want to be fresh for race day.

And Good Luck of course!

Cross Fit Week 8 Adventure Race Training

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