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How I Work at home...The Beginning


Being an avid adventure racer, I compete in some of the biggest and best races in the country.

That requires months of training for hours each day and time away for the actual race.

I will be gone for 14 days at at time for an expedition race. I need to work from home. You can see my team at Intrepid Racing Team.

I have owned and operated a number of small internet businesses. My latest was Yahoo Stores.

I spent allot of time on eBay. Now I was successful on eBay, but it was very time consuming. One morning after CJ, my partner, and I had spend about 50 hours uploading our inventory, eBay had shut our store down, without warning. I went from a nice income of close to $2000 month to nothing overnight.

I remember being so frustrated with the amount of time I was spending trying to make it work. I tried a yahoo store after eBay but wasn't getting any traffic.

Finding Success

I needed to work from home in order to live my dream which was to be a stay-at-home mom for my son and to be an elite adventure racer.

The race was on! I stumbled upon SiteSell and until finally I was inspired by a story from

Eliad on SBI site-sell.

A bit skeptical from having been burned before, I pursued the program. I was not disappointed.

sbi Thank you SBI. My son, my endurance racing team and my business partner thank you as well.

Live on the Edge. That has been my motto for years and now my young MMA site earns $1000 a month with me not touching it, while I have taken time away to build this site and my adventure racing site.

Update January 2009

My MMA site with only 35 pages brought in $2400 last month.

Update May 2011:

I left this site for a while to build my MMA site and it has taken off.
I am ranked in the top 10 for almost all pages.
We added a store and income has doubled.
We are now rebuilding birthday, with a new look.

Traffic has already increased as well as adsense revenue.

Update February 2012

We now have 3 sites and 2 ecommerce sites. They have all seen a steady growth this year in traffic and the SBI sites are driving traffic to the ecommerce sites. I still love to do all my work at home!

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