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adventure race trainingAdventure race training can happen many ways. Honestly if I lived in the mountains, I would train differently than I do here in the flatland. I live at an elevation of 645 so I have to be creative.

That is why I used CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance to train. I get a fast, hard workout and it prepares me for the hills.

I will be the first to say that there are various ways to train. I have trained 3 different ways for Primal Quest and all work. I just love CF and CFE and that is where I stay for now.


adventure race trainingThere are a lot of CrossFit programmers out there. The one I could most closely follow for Adventure Racing was CrossFit Navy Seals. I enjoyed it but the workouts are long and I usually only use them working up to an expedition length race, because of the time I must put in to other specialty events such as rollerblading and climbing.

I use the CrossFit Endurance site along with their anaerobic strength and conditioning program mostly. I tweak it for adventure racing.

I do not stick with the main site much and I tell you why and all about the different ways to CrossFit for adventure racing right here at CrossFit for AR


adventure race trainingWhy are there so many interval workouts? How many days should I Crossfit. These answers and more are found at Elite Fitness Then to find out even more about intervals and why in the world there are so many in an adventure racing training plan, check this Interval Plan.


adventure race trainingThis page will tell you what you need to be able to do for each length race.

You can actually train for all lengths in much the same way, you just change how long your long run, bike and paddle will be.

I'll show you how far you need to be able to run, ride and kayak for each race right now at... Training Distance Goals

If you want to see what it takes to be an expedition racer, check out the Q and A session with Bill Lovelace who has a 3rd place Eco-Challenge finish... What it takes to be an expedition racer

Kim's Expedition Sample Plan.

If you need a more detailed strength training plan there is a fitness program that will help with your strength.

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