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CrossFit Workout for Adventure Racers

crossfit workoutThe CrossFit workout changed how I workout and helps me enjoy life a little more.


I was bored with traditional workouts. The long workouts were killing my day and keeping me exhausted.

Then I found CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance. CrossFit Endurance workouts are for distance athletes be it swimming, adventure racing, running, rowing or biking.

You do CrossFit Endurance in addition to CrossFit. It is not an exclusive program, but a supplement.

This is a great training program for triathletes, ultra-runners, distance athletes or just general fitness.

My personal group is made up of me, Kim, an extreme adventure racer, a mom who wants to be fit for soccer, 2 ladies who want to be generally fit, and another athlete with a goal of running a half marathon.

As you can see we are a very diverse group, but we all train the same with the exception that I do a bit more distance work about every 3rd week, due to the nature of my sport.

If you have questions about the exercises or CrossFit refer to our Elite Fitness page, that should answer your questions.

I have changed my workouts often in the last year, but they all involve CrossFit. So that you can enjoy the benefits as I have, I am going to break down the sites so you can see what has worked for me and my training partners.


crossfit workoutSeal Fit Workouts were great right before I went to Primal Quest. It had me ready for the rigors of 10 days non-stop racing.

I continued CrossFit Navy Seals when I returned home for quite some time with my CrossFit workout group.

We all liked it and saw great strides, but after 3 months starting seeing overuse injuries. I think the key is not to jump into this one too quickly and to take the rest days.

I'll use CF Navy Seals right before a race, but not year round. If however my job demanded elite fitness, I'd be on this workout most of the year.


crossfit workoutI have not stuck to the regular CrossFit workouts much.


Because I stared with distance work and I still enjoy it. Many people see great gains on just CrossFit.

I however always am competing so I do more. My husband though who is training to go skiing is using CrossFit and it is working for him. He is recreational however and I am a racer.

The ladies I train with like these, but sometimes found them short. We'd often just do a brisk walk afterward for a little cardio and to cool down.

CrossFit workouts though coupled with CrossFit Endurance work great for adventure race training.


crossfit workoutThis is where I have stayed the longest...CrossFit Endurance. It is a combination program with strength and the endurance. I have enjoyed this.

I have gone back and forth from using the main CrossFit site with it, to using the Anaerobic Strength and Conditioning workout which is listed on the CrossFit Endurance site.

I like using this because they can plan it with the running. If you use the main site with it, you may be doubling up on some running, and must use common sense. Otherwise you could have a long run come up on the same day CrossFit is doing a 10k time trial.


crossfit workoutExperts say to start slow and not add more than 10% each week. How many times did I hear this!

I ignored this, but it also got me sick. You have to listen to your body if you are going to attempt more.

I personally think this is individual. If you were previously an athlete, I think you can handle more.

If you have never done athletics, then 10% would be a good rule. Adventure racing becomes mental at some point and science is out the window. There is no timing your miles or staying in a certain heart rate zone when doing 100,000 foot of climbing as we did in Montana.

One great rule is to take your heart rate in the morning. If it is 5 beats above your normal heart rate within 24 hours you will have an infection. It can also mean you over-trained the previous day. You can still workout that today, but keep it aerobic and do not go anaerobic.


The above books are great resources for getting ready for a race, but just average for how to train. CrossFit is a great way to train or if you want something very lined out where you can rotate through different phases see what we have to say about the Work Out Pass for the strength portion of adventure racing.

Strength is often neglected, which was true for myself.

But when I raced Primal Quest Badlands I was CrossFitting which is strength based, and carrying a boat, pulling my body weight and just being stronger really helped.

I still train to expedition race daily, though I will not do long distance work until close to a race. You can follow along at our CrossFit Workout Page.

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