Extreme Adventure Sports

Extreme Adventure Sports
Are you pushing the edge?

Extreme Adventure Sports is ready!

Primal Quest just announced it is coming back! I'll be blogging my way to PQ.

So what is this site about? Adventure and there is lots of free information here because I like seeing others go out and accomplish great things.

There are also stories, gear guides and nutrition guides that hopefully inspire you to your own adventure.

My goal is to push you to the edge and then see you jump off.

adventure racing


When I entered the adventure racing world, there was a lot of information on adventure, but no

hard-core fitness plans,

gear guides or

nutrition plans

on how to get to the top.

I was blessed to race with a professional adventure racer and world-class tri-athlete. For a year, I questioned him every day.

How fast do you ride your mountain bike?

How many hours do you train for an expedition race?

How do you rappel?


White water raft?

Practice mountaineering?

What do you eat?

The responses were awesome and honest. Extreme-Adventure-Sports.com is about sharing the nutrition advice, skills training, fitness plans (this is not for wimps!), gear tips and of course great race stories I learned about.

Here you can also learn to mountain bike, kayak, climb mountains, rock climb and do orienteering.


Why? I get asked that question all the time. I ask myself the same question.

In fact I can't think of a race where I did not ask-why?

Though I can't say they are sane reasons...the following is a list of why!

The Adrenaline

Push my body to the limits

Because I can


Embellish stories

Passion for the Outdoors and Adventure

The dramatic opening of Primal Quest.


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Would you like to share your knowledge about adventure sports? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
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