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seclevThis Adventure Racing Blog was my journey to the toughest extreme sports race on earth, which was held in Montana on June 23. To read it in chronological order start at the bottom of the page and scan up.

I wrote about my fitness highs and lows, as well what is going on in my life at the time. It shows that a soccer player and martial artist, can make the change and be one of the few in the world, who do expedition adventure racing.

We can read my entire 12,000 word story about my adventure at Primal Quest at Kim's Primal Quest Montana Race Report.


seclev People say they enjoy adventure racing blogs as they like to see others mistakes. I guess that is why I have had nice reviews of my Adventure Racing Blog. I feel like I am so weird sometimes. I had a reporter come today. I desperately need to vacuum my floor as there is chocolate cake from my nephews birthday party. I decide to wait until morning.

6:00 AM Todd calls, who is our support crew, to say hey and chat. He asks Do you have a cold I say no you woke me up. He forgot there is an 8 hour time difference. So then he apologizes over and over. It was very good to here from Todd. I am pumped he is our support crew. He is super nice, wears a kilt and is a nurse.

6:45 AM Colby gets in bed with me. It is thundering and Lighting.

7:45 Alarms goes off. It feel like 6 AM still. It is dark and rainy.

8:20 AM We hustle to the church as we are sure camp has moved. We get to church and it has not, it is at the regular outdoor camp spot. So I arrive 15 minutes late, with lots of other moms. That is fine but my interview is in 45 minutes. I need to vacuum and get ready still.

9:00 I get home and get dressed really quick. I remember I haven't eaten, so I do some why protein in water (yummm..jk) and some cereal in a cup that I eat while I try to vacuum. Well the vacuum cleaner starts bubbling (we have a rainbow that uses water and I look behind me and the floor is soaking wet...all over! So now I need to try the floor as well.

So I put that vacuum away and try the other one. I do a rushed job. I am trying to get some more cereal and knock my bottle over that knocks my cup over and tears my cereal cup. No big deal but I am thinking does this stuff happen to other people?

Thankfully he is 5 minutes late and I get everything put away have time to brush my hair, change shirts and now I am sweaty and get a drink....wow what a morning!

Now I am off to get ready for the airport. A photographer comes at 2:00 I wonder how that will go?

See ya at PQ or on the PQ website!


seclevWell we are one week out. To follow us now go to Primal Quest and click on tracking or leader board. We'd love to here your comments and we might even get to read them during the race. We'll have a full report when we return.

Thanks for checking in and you can see the latest post the above link!


seclevIt is so close. My week last week was light due to the race. Here is me gearing it back up and one of the last additions to my Adventure racing blog to Montana.


6 AM

60 minutes biking hills

30 minutes on uphill treadmill


Weights for 60 minutes very heavy for the entire body

Kayaking 60 minutes


seclevToo Cool Spread Your Wings 2 hour

Scott and Kim

The race started with plotting one point, then heading up the hill to get a ball. We ran the first part and to speed us up I towed off Scott’s backpack. I need to get a good tow system as I think that was not very comfortable for Scott. We were going to walk the uphill but decided to run them for “training.” We ran a pretty steep climb where we found a windmill and a reservoir. Scott jumped in for our team and found our ball. Then we ran down the mountain and got our next clues.

We were off on the bike for starters. It was a marked loop, with 1 checkpoint, but you didn’t know where. We actually got off the trail road a little extra somehow and got passed by several teams. Once we were back on the trail we leap fogged with about 4 teams throughout this section. It was a technical section with lots of rock. Parts of it reminded me off Poison Spider. We were able to ride just about everything, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 section…. one being a section that went straight up with loose rocks. Scott grabbed both bikes and still beat me up the hill. He is an animal.

We started booking it at one point and I was thinking we are going really fast over these rocks. Just when I was thinking I’d slow down, Scott had a nice crash at 15 mph. He jumped up and was fine. My crash came on a little section that was nothing…which is where I usually fall.

We started booking it through the trails, passed a couple of teams when there was a pop. Scott’s tire blew a sidewall. We were ½ mile from the TA so we decided to run it in. Scott was actually running with his bike in at 7 mph. We didn’t have much mandatory gear, but Scott carried all that and my bottle of fuel, to try to even us up. I basically carried a gel flask and water throughout the race.

The next section was a trekking section. It looked simple and easy. Well it started off that way. We had a sweet route to the cave cp and then it was downhill from there. I really don’t know what happened and I won’t bore you with our stories, but we were the slowest team on the next section. Not due to our speed mind you, due to our navigation. There was actually some sections where we were passing 4 teams at a time by purposely hiking fast. We were just navigationally challenged this race. We spent 2 hours on two separate checkpoints that were only about 1000 meters apart.

After the trekking we had a swim section. This was interesting as Scott was having really bad cramps. We had to climb an iceberg and then slide down the other side. My legs were shaking from being anaerobic for so long, Scott was cramping bad. I could barely lift my leg to the next rung as it was shaking, and Scott couldn’t lift his as it was cramping.

We just sat there me half way up the iceberg, Scott right behind me, with the lady in the kayak supervising asking if we were ok. We were probably quite the site. Finally we made it and then did a couple of swims. I felt bad for Scott as he was cramping really bad. It had been very hot and now we were in cold water. My calf cramped a bit and it was nothing compared to Scott. That little bit was painful so I cannot imagine having full body cramps.

Next we were to do a bike section. While Scott tried to fix the bike I fell asleep. A few minutes later he let me know the stem was broken and he couldn’t get it. So we trekked the bike section. Actually in this race you only have to get one point each leg, so we got one and headed back. We had to do this or we would not finish the race.

When we return the race directions say we have to pick between paddling and ropes, as they are shutting down the ropes. They end up not doing this so we actually should have had a finish, instead of an unofficial. The way our race went we didn’t really care though.

I want to paddle for practice, Scott wanted to do ropes. We found out the paddling was not practice as all as about every 200 m there was a portage. So we did the ropes. We had to climb this little rope ladder that was very hard. Once we were up we did a little rock climbing that was fun. Then we did a 1200-foot traverse. We finished it up with a rappel. This was quite fun.

The race is almost over so we head out on the last trekking leg. We got a point not too far from camp and actually naved right to this one.

We learned so much. It was so good for us to do this and learn what we need to do for PQ. Scott was very selfless and was always willing to lend a hand. He is very social, and teams just gave him information. We got to practice lots of climbing, adversity (being lost for so long), not giving up when we were actually DNF at 1:30 due to a cut off, learning we are fast enough to do well if we just stay found, working together and learning about how each other races. It was a great training weekend. Watch out PQ we got it all out at this race and are coming!


Well here is the recap of the last 2 weeks for my adventure racing blog. I am working with a pro racer who is coaching me. It is very strange to have a 40 minute run one day for recovery. I never would have done this at this point. The other thing is there is a lot of weight lifting. I will think a workout looks easy, but a weight training session prior to it, makes it very hard.

Take a look at what I've been doing.


Run Fitness Test 100% effort


Endurance Bike 90 minutes

Weights 60 minutes


Endurance Bike 1:00 minutes HR up to 164

Weights 60 minutes


Endurance Run 1:15 minutes up to 164 HR

Endurance Ride 2:30 up to 164 HR


Endurance Run 2:00 HR up to 164

Kayak 1:30


Weights 60 minutes

Kayak 1:45

Endurance Bike Trail Ride and Hills HR 143 2:30 Monday

Run 40 minutes zone HR up to 143

Weight Training 60 minutes


Endurance Bike 90 minutes with power intervals


Endurance Bike 1:45 minutes HR up to 143Weights 60 minutes


Endurance Run 40 minutes up to 143 HR


Endurance Bike 1:30 with hill repeats


Weights 60 minutes

Kayak 1:45

Endurance Bike Trail Ride and Hills HR 143 2:30


Well this week is the recovery week. I am glad because I ended up sick a couple of days. Not terrible, but very achy.

I just woke up from a dream where I was racing PQ with my sister. Our inflatable boat had just sunk and I was looking for my sister when I woke up. I hate dreams like that.

As the race nears I dream I forget stuff, which was what was happening in this dream. I had to go back to get my headlamp, dry clothes, some rope...it was weird.


seclev I don't like to say it on my adventure racing blog, as I am a big believer in psychology when racing, but I'll admit it here. Biking is my demon. What?When I first stared racing I stunk. Would I say that in my adventure racing blog, no. Never mind that I had a 32 pound recreational bike, I just knew I wasn't keeping up.

When we would race if I'd fall behind, I get slower and slower beating myself up that I stunk. That was 5 years ago.

Still when I start a race I think...Oh I hope biking is not first.

Well I am beginning to conquer that demon. This week was good for that.


Weights and 60 minutes up hill on treadmill


Oh my goodness this was a boring one. 120 minutes up hill on the treadmill. I have never watched day time TV but I watched 3 show! Daytime is not my favorite. I did almost fall, as I wasn't paying attention. I can just see me telling my team I can't race as I had a treadmill accident! So much for the exciting adventure racing blog today.



2 1/2 hour bike ride

30 min run


3 1/2 hour bike ride

22 min hike

I was fixing my mp3 player when all of the sudden I was being passed. Well I don't like being passed so I took off after the lady. We were cruising at 18 mph when I felt something sting my leg.

I thought it was a phantom pain. Well it kept hurting really badly, so I stopped. Sure enough a bee had stung me through my bike shorts! I was ticked. It started swelling so I headed home hoping I wasn't allergic. I was not, but it ticked me off it hopped on me at 18 mph to sting me!I thought well at least I have something interesting for my adventure racing blog.


seclev My legs are very tired from the week when I found out my friend was going to be doing a 62 mile ride on Sat. I had been asked earlier but forgot about it.

I had already done my riding for the week, but I decided to go to see everyone and test my legs.

After registering I sat in my car watching the other cyclists. I have only done one road rally so I am scoping the place. I don't' know where to put my number first of all. Finally I figure out it can go on the back of my shirt and have to take my shirt off to do this.

It is a little intimidating. I have a bike from a good friend, when he upgraded his. It is really too big, but rides great for me. Well I can't really reach the brakes unless I stretch, which I suppose is dangerous at a road rally. I have packing tape holding the cyclometer on there for when I ride on the trainer. I don't wear a bike jersey. I just seem out of place.

Once I head to the start there are staging areas-one for those who ride 16+ and one for those below. I think I ride 16+, I am supposed to be able to, but I don't really know. I line up with the lower group just to be sure.

I finally find my friends a few minutes before the start. We line up at the back of the slow group. This is just a training ride, and my legs are very tired, so I am not going to push it today.

We go out and for the first 40 miles I feel great. I am not tired, the pace had my heart rate down in the 2 and 3 zone. The last 20 miles I am bored. I enjoy talking to my friends, but am ready to be done riding. The wind was blowing so hard, the fastest we could ride into the wind was 13 mph in a pace line. Without the pace line we were averaging 11.

Speaking of pace line. When we ride as friends we don't form one. So it is like riding alone, except we catch up and talk. We had a pace-line maybe 10 miles of the entire course. Since it was just for training that works fine and we can chat.

I got to chat with another PQ team. They are training like mad and getting lots of miles on there feet.

So how was my demon today? The demon is being lifted! Today I felt the best I have ever felt on the bike. I could have rode faster and was able to keep up no problem, even with tired legs. My climbing was fair, but it was not bad.

I have new confidence! It is so hard as I already started thinking, well how do you know you can keep up. We didn't ride hard. The guys are fast (PQ team) how will you do?

I am using positive thinking, and probably won't mention it again. I like to act like I can do it beaches

As the mind thinks so shall the body do-KimUntil Next week...


Last week was a good one. Lots of elevation, lots of fun. This week I am moving into some pretty boring stuff. Repeats and more repeats of hills. I don't see any other way to do this with no elevation gain here in TX. Oh that's not true, our biggest hill is 200ft of elevation gain!

My goal is to be climbing 10,000 feet on the treadmill in 2.5 hours.

This week is heavy on cycling and has a long kayak.

I am also starting to get gear ready. How can I need so much gear again, so soon? It is crazy. I love gear, and shopping for the lightest gear, I just don't like paying for it!

Adventure Racing Blog: Week 10-11: 70 days to start


I returned from N. Carolina and what a trip! Pura Vida was great where we did our training. We all got along very well. I am very excited about this team and our abilities and sharing all this in my adventure racing blog.

Ascending was easy, though I do need to work on my fitness on that one. We did about a 70 foot ascent.

White water was cold! Well only after we finished. It was actually pretty nice, with our wet suits,fleece and jackets. Looks like Scott and I, then Paul and Markley will paddle together. We worked well together.

I did a goofy thing on our rescue. I was supposed to throw a rope across and put my foot on the rope or hold it. I threw the whole bag across! The only positive is I'll always remember not to do that!

I got smoked on our 4 hour or should I say 3:45 hour trek. I give the time as we were told it would take 4-5 hours so we all had a secret goal to beat that time.

We climbed about 3000 ft in 1 hour and 45 minutes. There were really no breaks for that first climb. If I had slowed down I'd have been fine, but we were pushing the pace, which I am glad! I see what the guys are capable of and I need to catch up. How? Well instead of my usual stadiums I will be doing the treadmill. We have bricks under it, to make the elevation higher.

So on my return I didn't train too much last week. That was the last week of recovery. Monday started a pretty tough week.

I will load the weeks training up at the end of the week in a spreadsheet.

Here is the low down for now.

Monday- 4000 ft of climbing on the treadmill at about 3 miles per hour with a 15 pound pack. I did all of it with no socks and about the last 10 minutes barefooted.

60 minutes of biking on the trainer at a hard gear simulating hills.

30 minutes of weights with my arms

Tuesday-I did 30 minutes of plyometrics. 30 minutes of climbing which was about 1900 ft and 30 minutes of hard biking on the trainers. I then went to the park and did some technical riding for about 20 minutes.

Wed- This is big elevation day. I did 6000 ft today on the treadmill. I have entered the boring phase. No more fun runs out on the trails. It is just not going to cut getting me in shape for the mountains.Tomorrow is the big biking day...can't wait...well..


And as our son wanted to say He is Risen from the dead (instead of the traditional He is Risen Indeed)

As promised here is my workout for this week and goals for the next week. It was a great week. It is good to finally be really really tired from the workouts. The good news is I recover the next day. It is all about altitude right now. I am trying to get as much as elevation as possible. Climbing Everest 7 times will be cake :)

ADVENTURE RACING BLOG: PQ Workout 90 days to Start


MONDAY'S adventure racing blog

Resting HR 161

That is not good. I must be fighting an infection. Every time I go down on the colloidal silver, this seems to happen.


1/2 tsp. B complex

1/2 tsp. DHLA

1 tsp. Gold 360

3 tsp. Colloidal Silver

1 scoop Recoverite after training

1/2 scoop of Perpetuem with 1/4 scoop HEED during training

75 minutes on the Bike

Bike Trainer

WU: 10 min zone 1

3 x 30 (30') spin upsv

MS: 2 X 20 min zone 3

30/30 hard/easy x 6' hard @ zone 4-5

CD: 10 minutes

Running 45 minutes


Well it was me, Pat and her husband Don in the rain today. Pat is such a trooper! She deserves her own adventure racing blog.

WU: 10 minutes

MS: 29:30 Another record. We were moving today! We probably had a little extra motivation to get out of the rain!

CD: 10 minutes

My legs were shaky after this one.

Training Notes

Well my wet suit just sold. I forgot I put it on eBay. I guess I need a new one now. It was too big, so I needed one, but I forgot I was selling it!

I know that sounds weird, but I have a martial arts store with about 500 items, so sometimes I forget when I list my own stuff!


Oh yeah finally. My heart rate is 157. I'm back!

We ran stadiums today. I ran with about an eleven or twelve pound pack. As we started I knew it was going to be tough to keep up. Pat, Electra and Don were there. Though they waited for me at the end of each section no one slowed down.

I thought my time is going to be so slow as they were almost a full set of stairs in front of me. Well as we neared the end I realized we were close to a record.

I yelled at Pat to push it. She ended up beating her record by 1 minute!

I was just kinda of hiking up the last stairs and Don started encouraging me to hustle as did the ladies. I ran the last very long set and actually beat my record by 20 seconds. That record was set with no pack, so I was thrilled. I am getting stronger!

I went on to run another 90 minutes or so. I did 10 of the ramps and then another section of stairs.


I went swimming for an hour. I used fins and still this lady kept passing me. I was thinking geez I stink! Well she ended up being a competitive swimmer. I ended up being there during a masters swim. It was kinda fun as one of the guys was in the Olympic trials.


I rode on the trainer in the morning. I had planned a second workout but life happened so I only did one ride.

1 x 30 minutes zone 1

1 x 35 minutes zone 3

Ah the Saturday morning ride. I am starting to see the same bikers on Saturday so this is fun.

I have a route I am using on Saturdays and I beat my time by about 4 minutes going out this time. I was quite please, as I had a heavier pack this time.

I did a 4 hour ride. Here is the break down.

1 x 30 min zone 1

2 x 35' (5') zone 3

1 x 10' (3') zone 4-5

1 x 20' (5') zone 4-5

5' rpm 55-65

10' recover

The rest was zone 2-4. But mostly zone 2 and 3. My overall pace was 1/2 mile faster. I thought it was more, but it probably averaged lower as I rode longer zone 2-3 this time.

I felt pretty good after this ride!



Resting HR 57.

Finally it is going back down, meaning I am kicking the infection! It should be 155 and has been at 167 for quite a while. This is the first time it has been down since Christmas!

I am taking Colloidal Silver and that is helping with the infection I am fighting.


WU: 10 minutes

TT33 minutes

We had 5 ladies there. It was awesome to have so much company there. We were missing two ladies so our group is growing!

CD: 10 minutes

Bike Trainer

WU: 10 min zone 1

3 x 30 spin ups

MS:20 min zone 2

30/30 hard/easy x 5' hard @ zone 4-5

CD: 5'easy spin

Killer workout. My legs were toast.



30 minutes


WU 10' zone 1

MS 10' zone 2

2 x 8' zone 4-5



WU 10'

MS 29:36 New Record!

It was just Pat and I so we tried to beat our record. We did. I had a very small pack, maybe 3 pounds.

CD 10'

Pat is such an inspiration to work with as is Electra. They push me hard and want me to succeed. They ask about how I am eating, how I am training, and if I am ready. It is motivating to know, I'll be asked these things!

We are growing together! Well hopefully we are actually shrinking!


I did not feel well. My heart rate was up 11 beats, signaling major infection. I hate taking the day off. I feel I have to though, to be strong later!


What a fun day! My son kayaked with me. He is 6 and such a joy. I said, Thank you for kayaking with me. He said, Any time, mom. I kayaked about 45 minutes, then let him stop for a break from the boat.

He had already eaten his lunch, played with a dead fish, and bumped my paddle about 20 times.

He acted like he fell and then actually went swimming. The day was warm, but the water was about 60 degrees.

Needless to say he was freezing on the return trip.

On the return trip, I let him ride in back and work the rudder. He actually did better than I first did, as I tend to do the rudders backwards.

He also was able to see me paddle and started paddling himself.

I paddle about 90 minutes and was out about 2 hours. What a wonderful day! I love when my son makes my adventure racing blog.


Rode 3:20 minutes

WU zone 1 30 minutes

MS zone 3 2 x 20 minutes

zone 4-5 3 x 8 minutes

CD zone 2-3

This was not a bad ride, but my legs were toast. I have to start getting more biking miles in now. I feel I am ready to climb on the mountains on my feet, now it is time for the bike!

This week has been great. I have gone to a very structured iron man training plan. Why you ask? I tend to over train, then question what I am doing. This keeps me right on track.

I had to add a lot more running and hills to the plan, but the biking plan is great.

The entire plan has a lot of hard work and intervals. While this may be not seem like an adventure racer needs a lot of these, I do. I have a lot of lsd. I need speed! I want to be able to race hard and recover, not go medium speed for long distances. That said, here is how the week is going.

Monday adventure racing blog

60 minutes on rowing machine

zone 1 10"

zone 2 20"

zone 4 2 x 8" (2' recover)

finish up zone 2

50 minutes Stadiums with a back pack

Timed portion 31:40 I was please with this as I had a pack.

Heart rate average 157


55 minutes Trail Ride

10' zone 1

3 x 30 spin ups

4 x 30/30 hard/easy + 4' zone 5 (2' recovery)

Finish up zone 2

Trail Run

16' zone 2

20' zone 3


I was surprised to wake up pretty sore from intervals. I felt really good doing them, but it did make me sore.

60 minutes rowing machine (my back is already sore from the intensity)

10' zone 1

20' zone 2

16 x 1:30 (rest 1:30) builds

3 x 25' sprints

finish up zone 2

Run 55 minutes

zone 2 10'

zone 3 20'

zone 4 2 x 8' (2' recovery)

zone 2 finish up

I feel good. I am getting excited. 18 weeks to go!


Ran 70 minutes


Rode Trainer: Did intervals

20 minutes zone 1

20 minutes zone 2

2 x 8 min zone 4

cool down


Road ride on mt. bike with a pack

40 minutes zone 1

2 x 35 minutes zone 2 (3'rest)

2 x 8 minutes zone 4-5 (2'rest)

Total Ride: 3:30


seclevWell another fun week. It was my son's birthday week. I just finished doing a party which was quite interesting. I had 14 children doing games in the house since it rained. It doesn't sound like much except it was army games! We used the whole house!

On to training. I came back a little slow this week due to a week off. I stayed well and felt good however, so next week will be very challenging.


Stadiums: Timed Portion 27 minutes

Fast Hike: 30 minutes

Total Time: 75 minutes

Climbed 1600 feet


Cycle: 60 minutes on trainer intervals


Total Time: 90 minutes


Stadiums: Timed Portion 29:55

I love this first part with my training partners. The second is a little boring, but I had some good music!Ramps 10

Total Time: 1’30”

Climbed 4000 feet


Bike Ride: Very hard.

Timed Hill Route: 40 minutes

Total Ride: 55 minutes

This ride was tough with the 4000 ft of climbing the day before. This is just what I need. I am going to start adding to the elevation just as I do with the stadiums. I think the climbing was around 1000 ft. I'd like more but the hills are limited here.


Off day


Today is the big party. I decided to do a short run and get ready for next week. I want to stay healthy.

I ran 45 minutes. Then was on my feet all day for the party. Does that count?


seclevThis adventure racing blog post is about my training for the week and my first ever mountain bike race. I have done lots of adventure races, but never a mountain bike race. It was fun and crazy!


Stadiums: Timed Portion 32 minutes

Fast Hike: 30 minutes

Total Time: 75 minutes

Climbed 1600 feet


Cycle: 60 minutes on trainer intervals


Total Time: 90 minutes


Stadiums: Timed Portion 31:55

Ramps 8

Run Afterwards

Total Time: 1’45”

Climbed 3200 feet


40 minutes Row

My son was sick so my time was limited.


I don’t feel 100% so I am taking the day off to rest for a mountain bike race on Saturday.


I have never done a mt. Bike race before. The crowd was a little different than the AR world. Most were nice, but the crowd was not the laid back AR crowd.

This was a 4-hour race. I wanted to do 5 laps in the 4 hours.

Lap1- I felt very good. I was a bit anaerobic though. I probably went a little hard for the first 60 minutes. I took a fall about 400 meters from the end of the lap. My handlebar hit a tree. I didn’t feel hurt, but have a huge bruise across my thigh, and my wrist is now sore.

Lap 2- I feel all right, but am a little bored. I am used to riding with a team. The elite male riders starting lapping me and I am not sure the etiquette on passing. I lost some time pulling off to stop. Total Time: 70 minutes

Lap 3- This lap I was pretty beat. I still wanted to try to complete 4 laps, but was trying to be smart. My lungs were starting to be raspy, as I wasn’t 100% starting this race. I knew I probably shouldn’t have raced as I didn’t want to get sick and mess up my training. I decided to stop at 3 laps, though I really wanted to go on.

I am glad I did, because I ended up winning my division anyway by 30 minutes. I didn’t even know I won until my friend e-mailed me.

Well I did end up sick. BUT I know why. I took in no protein at all after the race. I realized it later, when I laid in bed aching.

I am learning and will get this down one day!

Total Race Time: 3:30


seclevWow, only 20 weeks to the start. That has lit a fire under the intensity of my training. This past week my training went well. It was a cold week so there was a lot of time on the trainer.

Monday adventure racing blog

Total Time 75 minutes

Stadiums: 1600 feet of running-small pack -Timed: 36 minutes

Fast Hike: Heart Rate 169


Total Time 90 minutes

Cycle Trainer: 6 x 10 minutes adding harder gear each time

Weights: 30 minutes


Total Time 90 minutes

Stadiums: 1600 feet of running-small pack -Timed: 33 minutes

Run Stadiums slants: 4 times

Run: 1 lap around TCU


Total Time 120 minutes

Cycle Trainer: 3 x 30 minutes adding harder gear each time


Total Time 1 hour 45 minutes

Trainer: 45 minutes spinning

Run: 60 minutes with 12 pound pack


Rowing Machine: 60 minutes 1500 reps

Weights: P90X Core Synergetics

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