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I am always looking for new workouts and new fitness exercise programs. For extreme athletes this is important. You need to keep it fresh and exciting. Many of the extreme sports seasons go through the entire year, with little break; so it is important to keep diversity and fun in your training.

I love creating and looking at new workouts. I am currently subscribed to EN Nation which gives you access to endurance training programs for just $99 a year. It is mostly triathlon to marathon workouts with a focus on Ironman.

I used the Ironman plan to prepare me for Primal Quest to a point, then I had to add my own things to prepare for the mountains and all the climbing-100,000 feet of climbing to be exact.

It has been good, but it does not have weight workouts. For me to stay lean, I must add in weights as well.

I came across a workout pass by accident, while looking for information to add to this website. The workout pass has a program where you use just your body weight which interested me. That is important as an adventure racer.

Being able to do pull ups, pick up kayaks, and haul my own body weight up rocks and over things is very important. I started researching the site and found it to be a very cool workout program.


As I looked further I saw it had kettle ball exercises and a back strengthening program.

There are agility exercises which are good for every sport, but in my sport we do a lot of bushwhacking and climbing. Agility is very important in my fitness exercise program.

Then there was my favorite-plyometrics. As I got older I felt like my times where decreasing. I am not that old, so that should not be the case. What was I missing? Well in soccer we did a lot of plyometric training which was my sport growing up.

Now I just run, cycle or row, straight on. I do speed work but nothing that compares to plyometrices. Plyometrics will get you that speed back!

?You need to rotate throughout the year with your fitness exercise program, with strength training being in the off season, strength and speed in the pre-season and maintenance and body weight exercise in season.

I thought the workout pass was neat to give you lots of options by a professional coach. I will always do crossfit now, but that is not the end all for everyone. The workout pass has lots of options many of which are explored in crossfit.

If you like detailed sport specific programs give workout pass a try.

THE WORKOUT PASS: Fitness Exercise Program

Workout Pass gives you unlimited access to over 40 fitness websites and 5000 workouts. The fitness exercise program sites are very user friendly.


There are lots of visuals which I like when using an on-line source. Also you choose your goals. Want to get bigger, smaller, leaner? There is a specific number of reps for each one.

You start with day 1 and just follow your virtual trainer.You print your workout for the day and then knock it out.

There are workouts from professionals in all fields. From track to bodybuilding, to lacrosse, soccer, basketball, weight training, you name it you'll have access!


You login and pick your workout for the day. You'll actually see the exercises performed correctly. And you'll also see complete exercise descriptions so you can follow along on your own

They also have a forum with experts who answer your questions. This to me is great. I have bought too many plans, where I had questions and no-one to ask. The coaches who are fitness experts and coaches will answer all your fitness questions.

Lastly, and this is cool technology, you will have access to conference calls and webinars by world renowned guest experts to give you the latest cutting-edge training updates.

I liked this program and I am very particular about what workouts I like and think are hard enough.

To get more info check out Work Out Pass.

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