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Diet supplements, though I don't recommend many can help the athlete maintain ideal weight. Every athlete knows that extra pounds can slow you down, reduce reflexes and generally interfere with your sport.

There are many times that even the best of athletes have to lose some weight, for instance around the Christmas season or off season when workouts are not as heavy.

Many assume that athletes do not retain this extra weight, but they do. Hours and hours of training are sometimes not even able to get rid of those last few pounds that just have to go.

I was working out 17 hours a week and still did not shed a pound. I had about 15 pounds to lose to be at racing weight. It was not until I added resistance training, intervals and an appetite suppressant that I lost weight. During the sport season it is even more difficult to lose the weight than the off season. That was my problem. It is hard to cut calories, when you need fuel for the next workout. Hammer has an excellent diet supplement called Appestat that can be found by searching here. Just do a search for the title Appestat.

This is a great and highly effective supplement that can help every athlete, regardless of whether in or out of season, to lose those stubborn last pounds.


It is difficult to lose weight during the season when it was put on during the off season. Athletes that train for outdoor sports are sometimes restricted by the seasons. Even though training does continue, it is not the same extent as when in season.

Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises can help you over those last pounds.

Aerobic exercises are long periods of an activity without over exertion on the heart and body. It is basically exercising at a heart rate usually below 65%.

The aerobic exercises are especially good for burning calories since it keeps you at a high level of activity over a period of time. Aerobic exercise uses fat as fuel. However it is important to mix it with anaerobic exercises, as your body can get used to the aerobic workouts as mine had. This is what got me over a plateau, adding anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercise is without oxygen. This is effective for getting rid of any pounds that might still manage to set on the body. It burns more calories then aerobic exercise, just not necessarily fat. But that still means you have less that will convert to fat! The best fitness program will combine these two types of exercises.

You'll need to continue some aerobic exercise to lose weight, but for the anaerobic work that is meant for the extreme athlete only try Cross Fit. The program will take you to a new level of fitness. It is incredible and free!


Appestat is effective as a diet supplement for a few reasons. Appestat can be found at Hammer Nutrition. The main function of Appestat is to increase fat metabolism which targets the burning of excess fat and not of muscle mass. The other features are that it can naturally suppress your appetite.

This diet supplement is not for fast loss of weight, since that would also reduce the muscles that you worked so hard at building up, but it is meant to be taken for three weeks and one week off, until the weight loss is achieved.

Appestat contains many essential nutrients. These all have some effect on the fat conversion and metabolism rates.

Some athletes also have a tendency towards weight gain in the off seaon and then Appestat becomes more of a tool to keep the weight down than a diet supplement.

The main ingredients that make this supplement so effective are HCA, iodine, zinc, 5-HTP and chromium polynicotinate. The iodine is a main element that our body needs to produce thyroid hormones which in turn control our fat metabolism.

Iodine is also one of the essential nutrients that most people in the world have deficiencies of and by having enough you ensure that the thyroid will function at its best. I have low thyroid which results in low metabolism. Iodine has been very effective for me in stabilizing my thyroid.

The HCA is an inhibitor and blocks an enzyme which converts carbohydrates to fatty masses and zinc is a main element in many bodily functions, including using oxygen and energy efficiency. The last main ingredient, 5-HTP, is there to keep the cravings for sugar down to a minimum.

Although most athletes manage to maintain their ideal competitive weight, it is still possible that extra pounds will be put on. Once there, they are not easy to lose and that regardless of the amount of exercise being done.

A diet supplement like Appestat is a good, natural solution. As every athlete will know, taking the offensive is the best way to defend yourself and in this case fighting the fat before it is there is the best way to go.

To purchase appestat click here.

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