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Training For Primal Quest: River Running

Training For Primal Quest: River Running

I am from Oklahoma City, OK. and ran for Oklahoma State University. I worked for myself in the sport of Track & Field and in the Health & Wellness Industry for a few years. Then I felt called to get into youth ministry.

I am now a Camp Director at the truest Adventure Camp in the U.S. - Camp Eagle near San Antonio, TX. I am engulfed in my passions every moment I am awake.

I got into Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking (not flat water, I would rather pluck my eyelashes out one at a time), and everything else that is human-powered and in nature while I was in High School.

I have been a Nat'l level mid-distance and distance runner since I was 13.

I started on an adventure racing team during college (first race was a 36-Hour race).

I started racing on my mountain bike a couple years ago.

I also like all the major U.S. sports, except baseball - sorry, too much standing and not enough cool injury potential.

I also play as many instruments as I can get my hands on, especially drums.

My favorite thing about endurance sports is competition. I know it's supposed to be "me against the terrain", and "me against myself", but I really love beating others while I'm out there!

No matter what it is I'm doing, God has allowed me to do it, so I do everything for Him.

Chris' Aspirations:

I can't wait to get in real shape again. I will start doing speed work on and off soon on as soon as my body is ready for it. I want to race at the international level on an Adventure Racing Team, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Ultra Marathons, and long Triathlons.

In the near future: I hope to compete in the Ironman, Primal Quest, some Ultras, and learn how to ride a unicycle, and show people my faith in Christ all along the way!

Update: Chris has completed Primal Quest Badlands and done a Double Ironman in 2009.

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