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bill lovelaceBill Lovelace, from Los Angeles, has an extensive competition record that includes eight Ironman Hawaii finishes, over 140 marathons, ten ultra-marathons, five international Eco-Challenges and four U.S. Expedition Adventure Races as well as the Southern Traverse adventure race in New Zealand in 2000.

He placed third at the prestigious Eco-Challenge and was ranked 3rd in the world in his age group in Ironman triathlon.

Bill didn’t begin adventure racing until he was in his late 40’s. He was already a force in Ironman.

What inspired him to race. He read the challenge in a triathlon magazine, by Mark Burnett,

Eco-Challenge eats Ironmen for Breakfast.

When he read this he said how could I Not race.

The whole team was established Ironman triathletes and strong runners and cyclists. Mark Burnett did not think they had what it would it took to compete against the world's best in Utah at the first Eco-Challenge. Not only did they finish 8th out of 64 teams, they qualified for the Extreme Games in Maine which was four weeks after.


bill lovelaceI met Bill through a friend. We did a 3 day race together, but all I talked about was How do I become an expedition adventure racer?

We became friends immediately. Bill trained me via email for the toughest endurance race one earth. He spent countless hours answering my e-mails.

We even went to California were he and his friends spent the weekend training us on ascending and paddling white water. When he knew I was going to race, he let me borrow so much gear. He literally saved me thousands of dollars. He was so gracious.

Once I was at the airport, going to my first race, he encouraged me and talked me through the race. It was during the race that I actually saved quotes from him, along with quotes from my family, and used this to motivate me when I ended up with very painful feet during the race.

He encourage me when the result was not what I had hoped for. He has been an incredible mentor AND he said this,

It is an honor to give back to the sport that is the toughest endurance event ever. I enjoy giving to the sport that gave to me.

Without Bill I would not have moved up the ranks to expedition races as quickly as I did. He is a great mentor and friend.

Below are the questions that I sent Bill when I first started racing. They are great and the answers are so honest, it is sometimes daunting.

Q and A: Fitness for Expedition Racing

Q and A: Kayaking

Q and A: Miscellaneous

Q and A: Mountain Biking


bill lovelaceThese are just a few of Bill Lovelace accomplishments.

8 time Hawaii Ironman finisher- 2 time age group winner

Two time finisher Comarades Marathon, South Africa

13th Raid Gauloises

Eco-Challenge Utah 8th

Eco-Challenge Fiji

Eco-Challenge Maine

Southern Traverse New Zealand

World Championships Switzerland

Over 150 marathons

Over 100 100 mile bike rides

Currently age group leader LA Swim/Run Series


bill lovelaceBill has an enormous about of press, going from local newspapers to Triathele Magazine.

The highlight for the team was doing a 20/20 Segment about adventure Racing Eco-Challenge. They also were in several of the Eco-Challenge videos.

This was a press release for the World Championships.

"The race's motto is `sleep when you dare, move while you can,'" said Bill Lovelace, captain of Team Nextel and who, at age 54 years, is the competition's oldest participant.


bill lovelaceOur team's motto since our first race has been:

"Old age and treachery will overcome Youth and skill"

Never, ever give in or give up...the person you are chasing is just a tired as you are, you just can't see their faces!

Long after the shirts are tossed and the medals tarnish, the life experiences we take away are the true rewards.

Success is peace of mind which is the direct result of knowing you did your best to become the best that you were capable of becoming......Peace of mind will come when you know you can be called as I was, and already be ready, physically and mentally to race (meaning you do not have to gear up for the race...just be ready to suit up)-John Wooden

The next steps take total dedication to fitness and an ability to mentally overcome every obstacle, no matter its magnitude...I don't want to make it sound scary, but the next level is a big step.


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