Hammer Nutrition

is leading the way for the best sports supplements. The company itself has been around for over 20 years. Their passion for helping serious endurance athletes reach their full potential is outstanding.

I have received personal e-mails from the founders of Hammer Nutrition answering my nutrition questions.

Below is the list of Hammer Nutrition products I use for racing and training, including a more detailed guide from Hammer as well. Their best sports supplement guide shows what the products are intended for, how much to use and when to use them.

I also use Premier Research Labs products. They are excellent for healing and crisis. But I do not use them during an event, only for recovery or illness. You will notice the best sports supplements are recommended after the workout. This is when the body is most ready to accept nutrition and you will get the most from your supplements at this time.

I break this down by first showing you what I take and then what is recommended by Hammer. My best sports supplements vary by what part of the year I am in. When I am training for a big race, I up my best sports supplements and go to maintenance during the off season.

Best Sports Supplements

Before Hard or Long Workout

1-Anti-Fatigue Cap

1-Race Cap Supreme

1-Mito Cap

During a Workout over 2 hours

1-Anti-Fatigue Cap every 2-3 hours

1-Race Cap Supreme every 2-3 hours

1-Mito Cap every 2-3 hours

1-Super AO every 4 hours

After a Workout

1-Race Cap Supreme

1-Mito Cap

3-Premium Insurance Caps

1-Super AO

3-Tissue Rejuvenator if it was a long run and I feel "tight and stiff"

Non Workout or Recovery Days

1-Race Cap Supreme

1-Mito Cap

1-Super AO

3-Premium Insurance Caps

Best Sports Supplements

During a Workout over 2 hours

1-Anti-Fatigue Cap every 6 hours

1-Race Cap Supreme every 6 hours

1-Mito Cap every 6 hours

1-Super AO every 6 hours

3-Tissue Rejuvenator every 6 hours

I pack my supplements in Zip Lock bags. I will keep two packets in my side backpack pocket or bike bag. I will pack the rest in a waterproof Alosak bag in my backpack.

If I am feeling run down I may take the supplements more often. Sometimes I can't stop to take them, such as if we are kayaking so the dose times are just estimates. You could actually take most of them once per hour, so there are no worries of taking too much.

Best Sports Supplements

Premium Insurance Caps

This multi-vitamin helps maintain peak overall health and well-being.

It contains vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. It is said to replace a dozen supplements in one formula.

The recommended amount is 4 caps after a workout and 3 caps throughout the rest of the day. Do not use these 3 hours prior to exercising.

This is taken after workouts, but not during workouts. This is a supplement I like to use daily.

Race Caps Supreme

Hammer calls this "the most potent, legal way to enhance your training and improve your race results.”

They say energy levels and endurance are increased, while recovery time after hard efforts is reduced.

Race caps also help to maintain a strong immune system. Coenzyme Q10 and idebenone are the main ingredients and are highly regarded antioxidants. They are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

These are used before, during and after workouts. The recommended amount is 1 cap 30-90 minutes before a workout and 1 after a workout. For training lasting over 2 hours, 1 capsule per hour can be taken.

I use these in long races and training sessions to keep my immune system strong.

Mito Caps

This is called the fountain of youth supplement. It contains acetyl lcarnitine and r-alpha lipoic acid. It has even been dubbed the "no nap" cap.

These are used before, during and after workouts. The recommended amount is 1 cap 30-90 minutes before a workout and 2 after a workout. For training lasting over 2 hours, 1 per hour can be taken.

I use these during races and think they make a big difference in my performance.

Best Sports Supplements

Super Antioxidant

This is for free radical support and has an antioxidant formula. It aids in recovery by reducing soreness and fatigue, improves circulation and helps the immune system.

It also has ginkgo biloba for cognitive function. It is especially useful for those living in heavily polluted areas.

These are used during and after workouts. The recommended amount is 1 cap after a workout. For training lasting over 2 hours, 1 cap per 2-3 hours can be taken.

I really like this supplement as well and it has helped me through some tough times in a race, when I was very run down.


This is live green super food. It has enzymes and phytochemicals. These are nutrients for proper health, that can't be obtained in the best of diets.

Your dosage of this supplement depends on the amount of green veggies you eat each day. Hammer recommends at least 3 capsules per day.

This is for use after workouts. I rotate this product, with green magma or the Greens Mix from Premier Research Labs.

REM Caps

Sleep and rest are the two ways our body clears lactic acid and recovers. These caps help you fall sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

REM Caps contain melatonin, which not only aids in sleep, but is a powerful antioxidant. Melatonin can get in every fat cell of the body whereas other antioxidants cannot.

The recommended dose is 1-3 caps, one hour before bed.

I do not use these, but I do use melatonin from Premier Research Labs. It has helped me tremendously. Though I don't normally have trouble falling asleep, it helps me recover. Women need more of this than men, due to our higher percentage of body fat.

Best Sports Supplements

Tissue Rejuvenator

This helps the joints and connective tissue. It has four active ingredients and an anti-inflammatory pain-relieving component.

The recommended amount is 4 caps, two times per day during injury.

I have used this and it works great. You may use this every 2-3 hours during long events. I have done this and it helped reduce the swelling in my joints.


This is used after workouts to optimize the production of red blood cells, reduce fatigue and enhance muscle repair. This is great for athletes concerned about anemia.

Since I use the B-Complex from Premier Research Lab, I do not use this product. I have in the past, but I believe Premier Research Labs B-Complex is a stronger and more potent supplement.

The recommended dose is 1 dissolved under the tongue after a workout.


This has the trace mineral chromium that regulates insulin function. Insulin is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones in our bodies.

Daily use promotes proper insulin function; healthy cholesterol levels, enhanced recovery and curbs sugar carvings. This is a great product for those with hypoglycemia.

This is taken after workouts with your post-workout recovery fuel. The recommended amount is 1-3 caps.

Digest Caps

Digest Caps help to promote proper levels of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. This helps improve intestinal health, immune and digestive system function and nutrient absorption.

These are recommended 1-2 per day with or without food.

Dr. Marshall, founder of Premier Research Labs, says in his opinion, most deaths stem from digestive disorders. He states taking a digestive enzyme when eating cooked food is essential to health. He of course advocates a diet of raw food, or food cooked at 210 degrees or below to maintain the enzymes in the food.


This sports nutrition supplement helps to restore normal hormone levels, which are depressed as a result of extreme endurance training.

Normalizing hormone levels dramatically enhance recovery, workload tolerance and libido. This is a must for anyone over 40.This is taken after the workout with the post workout meal.

The recommended dose is 1 per day.

Anti-Fatigue Caps

This supplement helps remove fatigue-causing ammonia from cell pathways. It is especially effective in long events. It also provides electrolytic mineral support.

The recommended dose is 2-4 capsules one hour before exercise. During long events you could take 1-2 every hour.

I use this product and really feel it helps with fatigue during long races.


Seeing all the available choices of supplements can be overwhelming. I would love to just take them all, but that can be expensive and in reality I don't need them all.

Long training sessions are where I first tried, Mito Caps, Race Caps Supreme and Super Antioxidant. Once I found out how well I did with these, I used them in races. Now I won't race without them.

Focus on what your body needs. Start with the basics such as Premium Insurance Caps. As you see certain problems arise you can try more supplements to see how your body reacts. I think once you've tried some of these supplements, you will really see your performance go to a new level.


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