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seclev One of the goals for athletic nutrition is to have an unlimited energy supply. We as athletes look for alternatives that can help gain high energy levels.

This can be done by using nutritious food like fruits, energy bars, juicing and sports drinks. Athletes should put great stress on what they should eat to ensure that they remain healthy and fit to compete. Athletic nutrition is crucial to performance.

There are a number of sources that can act as energy providers, but there are few as famous as an energy bar or an energy drink.

Although there are a wide range of sports Bars to choose from, most of them are not capable of producing the desired result. Basically many are junk!

There are only a few Sports Bars like Clif Bar and Hammer Bar that are nutritious, organic and have no fillers. They provide a good balance of protein carbohydrates and fat.

HAMMER BARS Athletic Nutrition

seclevClif bars have been my bars of choice while racing, for years. I just recently tried Hammer Bars and they are great as well. Now I have to confess that I eat very healthy and not everyone likes these bars. They are not very sweet.

Hammer Bars are easy to digest. They are more so for me, than the Clif bars. I like the Clif bars while I am hiking or kayaking, but the Hammer Bars sit better while I am biking.

Hammer Bars are one of the most nutritious bars since it is made from wholesome ingredients. Special care has also been taken in choosing the ingredients to ensure that the athletes get only the best.

Hammer Bars are made of non-GMO and healthy organic ingredients that are well known due to the high levels of energy they produce. Any athlete can use them for before a race, after workout, and even as a healthy snack. Hammer bars come in different flavors.

Here are some of the benefits that make Hammer Bar excellent energy bar.

Alkalizing Protein -very important to buffer lactic acid

Healthy Carbohydrates

Healthy Fats



CLIF BARS Athletic Nutrition

seclevLike Hammer Bars, Clif Bars are also energy bars which you can make a permanent part of your breakfast, lunch and dinner or if you like. This makes for good athlete nutrition.

I like them for snacks, as does my family. You have the following energy bars to choose from:

Clif Bar

Clif Kid

Clif Nectar

Clif Shot

Clif Mojo-my favorite

Clif Builder’s-This taste like a candy bar and is my family's favorite

Athletes need energy to go through their daily lives and the best way to get this energy is through a properly balanced diet. If you have a busy schedule and it is almost impossible for you to sit down and enjoy a proper meal then a single Clif Bar will be a healthy alternative.

Although the Clif Bar contains many important but usual ingredients, it is set apart from other Sports Bars due to the Omega-3s in it. This is a very important component that plays a major role in reducing the chances of heart related and other diseases.

Although Omega-3 comes in various forms, depending on the food consumed, in Clif Bar it is in the form of ALA, which is better known as alpha linoleic acid. These Omega-3s are taken from flaxseed and walnuts.

There are numerous options available on the market to choose from when it comes to selecting an energy bar; however, the biggest problem is that most of the bars fail to provide the athletes and other consumers with the result they promised. The best options available on the market are Clif Bars and Hammer Bars in my opinion.

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