Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem is a fuel designed for the extreme sports. It should be used for events that last longer than six hours and up to several days.

Perpetuem contains everything the body needs to keep going, like complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, soy protein, and nutrients like sodium phosphate.

Lecithin is used to refuel the body by producing energy from the stored fatty acids in the body. This is my favorite fuel for races. There are also cardiovascular enhancing isoflavones that assist with the endurance needs of your workout.

It works by using the stored fats in the body for energy. It prevents muscle fatigue by buffering lactic acid.

Simple sugars are never used. A sweetener is used for taste. Stevia is used, which I love the taste of. It is also great in iced tea! Stevia that is, not the Perpetuem!

XT is a protein that makes up almost 10% of the calories. This is the percentage of calories that is burned during a slow endurance workout by your body. This is what keeps the body from eating your muscles.

You will be amazed at what adding protein to your endurance sports will do for you.


Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem is not the best tasting fuel, but it provides everything you need for maximum energy in extreme races.

I wrote the above statement quite some time ago and now I have to renig. Hammer's Cafe Latte is incredible and does taste great!

It certainly doesn't taste like Gatorade, but Gatorade does not have what you need to perform at your best.

And actually by mixing the regular flavors with the Hammer gels, or HEED it is not bad at all!

You do not need Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem for all types of sporting events and there are different ways that you can use it.

You should know the differences between the this fuel and Sustained Energy.

Perpetuem is designed for long, endurance events that can last up to several days. Sustained Energy can be used when your time limits and miles are shorter.

Many athletes have complained about stomach upset if they drink Gatorade or other products along with their Perpetuem. Water is recommended as the drink to carry along with you.

I have given in and drank Gatorade in long race, only to be sorry later, with stomach upset. The dilution is different and causes stomach upset.


You might have to experiment with it determine what way is the right way for you to consume it.

The different ways you can mix the drink might affect you differently. You should try each method to determine which way is best for your body and workout.

I actually like the taste and the way the bottle does for my stomach. However, I am a weight weenie, so I use the flask method, to conserve weight. I just have to be careful to get enough water with it.


The first method that you can try is by creating a gel or a paste. This method you are carrying the least amount of weight with you and it takes up the least amount of space.

If space issues and weight are a problem or you are concerned they might slow you down, the gel and paste is the best option for you. When you make the gel or paste, there is not an exact measurement.

You can actually get 5 scoops in a bottle. Just use a fork to mix it with a little bit of water, before you pour it in the flask.

You will mix water with the mixture and decide which consistency is right for you. The more you add, the more flavor it will have also. You can use a the fork to mix the it in a bowl or you can put it in a blender, whichever is easier for you.

You should determine how many scoops per hour your body needs so you make enough of the gel or paste.

It is also important to remember that you need to hydrate your body along with its use and have with plenty of water. Your water supply is crucial.


A one-hour bottle is commonly used when you have a crew. This is because the bottles should remain refrigerated. If you can have someone meet you along the way during your race or your event with a fresh bottle of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem, this is an excellent way to keep going.

If you do not have people helping you but you would like to use the one-hour bottle method, you will have to stop and mix the drinks. They should be consumed right away or refrigerated.

To make the one-hour bottle, you will determine how many scoops your body needs for the hour and mix it with water. This bottle can be from 20 ounces to 28 ounces and should be consumed each hour.

THE MULTI-HOUR BOTTLE The third and easiest method of consuming the mixture is to make a multi-hour bottle. This allows your workout to be continued for several hours and only requires you to drink more water along with it.

You will decide how many scoops you need each hour and how many hours you want the bottle to last. You will put that many scoops in the bottle (providing the bottle is big enough) and fill the rest of the bottle with water.

It should be drank in small sips every ten minutes or so. You should also drink approximately 20 ounces of plain water each hour.

Perpetuem is the ultimate refueling drink for extreme athletes who need to sustain their endurance for long hours. Remember for shorter events you want to use Sustained Energy.


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