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Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy has been around since 1992. The idea behind Sustained Energy is to be an energy source to maximize performance.

After about two hours of exercise you must have some protein in your fuel. If you do not you will start to “cannibalize” your muscle tissue.

So when your exercise goes beyond carbohydrates Sustained Energy is the answer. It also has fat utilization and lactic acid buffering. This means less fatigue and faster times!

It has a 7:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, which is ideal for endurance sports. It has a neutral flavor,which I really like, as I get tired of sweet flavors as a race goes on.

This sports drink is for the athlete who just wants the calories with as little taste and sweetness as possible. Soy Protein ensures a minimum of ammonia being released into the muscles, further reducing fatigue and tissue damage.


Sustained Energy contains about 87% carbohydrates and about 13 % isolated soy protein.


was made in early 2003. Though athletes use Perpetuem for shorter events (which is fine), it is for extreme sporting events lasting several hours to many days. It is designed for you to work at a lower heart rate than Sustained Energy.

Perpetuem contains 75% carbohydrates, 13% fatty acids from a and nearly 10% soy protein. A small portion of fat is added to help release its fatty acids stores.

Perpetuem has two flavors orange and dreamsicle. They don't taste that different to me. I prefer the flavorless Sustained Energy.

The facts below are from Hammer Nutrition and should help make your fuel choice easier.

* Perpetuem contains lyso-lecithin fat, whereas Sustained Energy does not.

* Perpetuem contains tribasic sodium phosphate, which is a tremendous lactic acid buffer. Sustained Energy does not contain this nutrient.

* Both fuels contain l-carnosine (an antioxidant that also buffers lactic acid), l-carnitine (to promote fatty acid utilization), and chromium polynicotinate (to stabilize blood sugar levels).

Bottom line: Perpetuem was deisgned with your event gonig for days, Sustained Energ was desitgned for you to work at a higher heart rate for 2-12 horus. BUT they both work beyond 12 hours great. I use both to change up the menu!


While there are many dietary supplements out there that claim to be like Sustained Energy, there are some substantial differences to think about. First of all, Sustained Energy doesn't try to mask their purpose with some ice-cream flavored powder.

This supplement is flavored neutrally, meaning that it is designed to taste like anything but itself. This is great because it mixes naturally with water, making it easier to take every time you need to.

Sustained Energy has another added health benefit that many endurance athletes don't stop to consider. It contains no preservatives—actually zero percent preservatives. Preservatives have no value in a successful endurance training diet.


The One Hour Bottle of Sustained Energy can be mixed with enough calories for one bottle per hour. The Multi-Hour bottle is more concentrated and will last longer and needs to be taken less frequently. You will just "nurse" the bottle, and drink water from a different bottle. You do need water with this mixture.

Decide on the number of calories you need per hour and mix that in the one hour bottle, or concentrate it for a multi-hour bottle. You can also use a fork to mix it in a bowl and then pour it in the bottle if it is too thick. This has worked the best for me, as I use the multi-hour bottle or gel-flask.

The most concentrated way is to carry it in the gel-flask. You can make it like a pancake batter and then just sip on this for hours. I can get 5 hours worth of calories in one little flask. You do have to use a blender or fork to mix it, before pouring it in the flask.

For some added flavor you can also mix Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy with your favorite flavor of Hammer Gel.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM HAMMER NUTRITION: Due to potential spoilage issues, Sustained Energy cannot be premixed and left for several hours in warm weather.

Below is the approximate usage from Hammer Nutrition. I pack enough for 100 calories per hour.

* Up to 120 lbs (approx 54.5 kg) - up to 1.5 scoop/hour * 120-155 lbs (approx 54.5-70 kg) - up to 2 scoops/hour * 155-190 lbs (approx 70-86 kg) - up to 2.5 scoops/hour * 190+ lbs (86+ kg) - up to 3 scoops/hour

*These are estimated doses. Each athlete should determine in training, under a variety of conditions, their personal optimum.

Sustained Energy is the new wave in endurance training supplementation. With the formula types available to those people out there who have different needs, it is easy to find the one that best suits your needs.

The health benefits are innumerable, and they just may change the way that you do your endurance training.


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