Week 4: Elite Training Plan

Cross Fit Training

Find one day this week just to work on a new skill such as rollerblading or climbing. If you need new gear, this is the time to buy it and try it out.

If you can schedule yourself a training race 4-5 weeks before your race, that is perfect. This is to iron out nutrition, gear and feet. If you cannot do an Adventure Race, a marathon, 100 mile road ride, or mountain bike races are all good ideas for those doing expedition races (72 hours or more).

For those doing shorter races you may plan a shorter race.


Warm Up for Cross Fit Training

Hip Mobility Drill

Main Set

Deadlift 10, 8, 5, 3, 3, 3 (personal record or failure)

120 sec rest between

Rest 60 sec

"Cindy" Attempt to Complete 5 Rounds in 3 min.

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats


Row, swim or Kayak

20:10 x 8 rounds, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, all out efforts!


Warm Up for Cross Fit Training

2x Burgener warm up, 180 sec rest,

Main Set

Increase Working weight up to the below set

Snatch:1x5 @ 75%

Rest 5 min

Increase Working weight up to the below set

Clean and Jerks: 1x4 @ 75%

Rest 5 min

3 Rounds for Time:

15 GHD sit ups

15 Hip Ext.

15 25 lb D- Ball slams



4 x 2 mile hill repeats, holding fastest possible pace and not deviating more than 1 min per repeat. Recoveries are, how long it takes you to come down the hill. If you do not have a hill then use tension on a trainer or ergometer with steady/ heavy tension.

If you can do this on a trail all the better.


Warm Up for CrossFit Training

2x Hip Mobility

Main Set

Back Squat 5x1 @ 95%-100% New PR or Fail, Rest (240sec) between sets.

Rest 5-7min

L-sits on Rings, accumulate 2min total time in L-sit position.

Use Dip bars if Rings are not available.Rest 2min

5x1 min Hand Stand holds. Rest 90sec between sets. You can put your feet on a wall if you need too.



4 x 300m ALL OUT SPRINTS up hill… 5 min recoveries


Warm Up for CrossFit TrainingROM stretches

Time Trial


10k total: at 85% for first 5k then pick it up to 95% on the last 5k

This should be on treadmill full incline, hilly route or with a 20 pound pack. Adventure races are not flat.




400m Run

21 Kettle Bell Swings 1.5pood/1 pood

12 Pull Ups

Rest 10min

5x5 Dragon Flags, Rest as long as needed between sets


Kayak, or Row:

2 x 800m holding best possible pace. Not slowing more then 3 sec. 2 min recoveries + 2 x 1k holding best possible pace. Not slowing more then 5 sec. 2 min recoveries


Time Trial on Mountain Bike

20 minutes Bike

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