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Extreme-zine, Prepare for the Amazing Race
December 05, 2009
Merry Christmas!

I have been asked often how I would tackle the Amazing Race. It is really interesting as the race is similar to a stage race in adventure racing.

I’d prepare first of all by making sure I was fit. Many of the challenges require fitness. I’d train by doing CrossFit as it would prepare me to lift, run fast and have overall strength. It also prepares you to move your own body weight around.

The only thing that it wouldn’t really prepare you for is a very long endurance activity. Add some CrossFit Endurance however and you’d be ready for it all!

Secondly, I would find a partner I know and love. Ok I’ve said that in races before and 5 days in you realized you do not love them or even like them! So how do you get around that? First of all, do a race, trip or activity for at least a weekend together. Though personalities change as you wear down say a week into the event, the weekend is still a good starting point. Do something under pressure to see how you work together, such as an adventure trip or adventure race. You can even do a backpacking weekend, which reveals a lot about your partner.

Also ask your partner what it will take for them to quit? Will they quit if something is too scary such as bungee jumping? What if it is too physically demanding? What if they get sick? These are good things to know, as you want to be on the same page. You have to carry me off the adventure-racing course to get me to stop racing. But everyone is not like that. I’ve had partners quit because they’d raced enough, or the pain seems too much when it is just mental. Just be sure you are on the same page.

Your biggest challenge will be relationships, namely your partner. Though over the course you for sure will disagree, it is give and take. Prior to the race pick a captain. This can save you a lot of time in the long run. When there is a disagreement say of which Road Block to do, each state your case, then let the captain decided. You will have wasted no time and keep moving.

Next eat! I see too many teams going without fueling. If your blood sugar is low you’ll not be able to think on puzzles, or move fast through challenges. This is an endurance event. Eat every hour that you are racing 100-300 calories. You’ll want a small amount of protein, a larger amount of carbs, and a slight amount of fat. Bars, fuel drinks such as Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy, dried fruit and nuts are great fuels and things I use adventure racing.

Hydrate as well. You should drink 15-24 ounces per hour depending on the weather. This is another key to keep you moving and your body working correctly.

So if you train for fitness, fuel up, and work well with your partner you should have success. If you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, suffer some, and never even quit you just might win.

We have a new free training section at our site that you might want to check out.

Have a wonderful Christmas and train hard!


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