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Extreme-zine, Prepare for the Amazing Race
June 25, 2010
Fellow Adventurers,

So I pointed my board sideways kicked out and did get out.

We proceeded down for a while and I still felt out of control. I was having troubling manhandling the board. I thought I was in way better shape to handle this little board, but it was sucking my energy.

As we went down the bigger waves it was holding me under and I wasn’t able to breath until we’d get out of the rapids.

Mirko said we were at the half way point and that it got much harder. Did I want to get out?

Well I do not ever want to quit so I was tortured, but my arms were shaking from that board from trying to keep myself out of the water.

To see the rest of this story and much more just go to Slovenia Mission Trip.

And after you read it consider joining us on a trip. We are in need of adventure athletes to take the Good News to Slovenia.

It will be a trip that changes your life. You can check out XMA to see all kinds of trips as well.

You can also see more about

Slovenia right here. This site will also be listing future opportunities in Slovenia.

I hope your having a great summer.

Adventure On!


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